Covetable Woman: Andrea Laguer

We’re continuing our focus on celebrating & learning more about all the amazing women we have the pleasure to work with at Covet Atelier. 

Next up is Andrea Laguer, the artist and creative behind Bear & Clay.


• The 5 W’s with Andrea Laguer •

WHO are you listening to the most right now (music, podcast, etc.)?

Sabrina Claudio, Daniel Caesar, H.E.R. are on repeat on my playlist. I also listen to a lot of Colombian Urban artists.

WHAT do you like to do for self care?

Oh! This is something that I struggle with deeply. As a homeschooling mama and business owner of multiple businesses, there is little to no time for me. One thing that I have been consistent with since I had our boys is to have a sacred bedtime for them. We put them to bed at 7 p.m. every night; this gives me one to two hours to rewind and prepare for the next day.

WHEN do you feel most inspired?

Honestly, I feel most inspired when I get a new batch of materials to work with. Seeing the unused thread, hoops, & blank sketchbooks gives me a breath of fresh air, allowing my creativity to start bubbling.

WHERE do you hope to travel to next?

I haven't done much traveling in my life so there are countless of places I want to travel to. However, I am really itching to go back to my home country of Colombia. There are so many cities I have never been to in Colombia that I want to be able to see and explore. I also can't way to take our boys and let them experience their culture first hand.

WHY did you choose embroidery/hand stitching as your current medium for creativity/making?

I have always been a lover of handmade things. Working with my hands brings me so much peace and joy. I graduated with a Digital Arts B.A., but soon after, I realized that working with a computer didn't make me come alive. I started to explore various mediums and completely fell in love with the process of hand stitching. I am a very impatient person, and hand stitching has taught me to slow down and enjoy the slow process of making.

We recently featured Andrea as our gallery artist with her embroidery collection “Threads of Nature” in the shop. Stop in to see these slow process beauties for yourself, and keep following along to learn about all the #CovetableWomen in our life!

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