Covetable Woman: Kimi Pace

This month, we're focusing on celebrating & learning more about all the amazing women we have the pleasure to work with at Covet Atelier. 

First up is our owner & co-founder, Kimi Pace. 


• THE 5 W's with Kimi Pace •

WHO are you listening to the most right now (music, podcast, etc.)?

This past month I've been listening to a lot of Men I Trust, Slowdive and the new Solange album. For podcasts, I've been binging Radio Cherry Bomb. 

WHAT do you like to do for self care?

I'm a daily bath taker. It's really the only time I have carved out in the day-to-day just for me right now. I still work full-time as an English & Literature instructor, in addition to owning and managing the shop, so the hours are long, and those baths are essential to my sanity. 

WHEN do you feel most inspired?

When I have lots of space and time to sit, dream, explore... And that happens most often when I’m traveling and able to remove myself from work. I try to travel as often as possible, even for an overnight or weekend trip close by. The space – internally & externally – that travel opens up for me brings the most clarity and inspiration.

WHERE do you hope to travel to next?

Currently, I have two trips to California planned this year, but I also hope to make it to Montreal before Christmas.

WHY do you think it’s important to celebrate the heritage of handmade in the Carolinas?

In an age where everything is automated, upgraded overnight, and produced for mass consumption, there’s an immeasurable value in investing in handmade, small batch goods. It’s a small resistance to take back control and know the person making the things you use/put your money into.

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