Covetable Woman: Morgan Wagstaff

We’re continuing our focus on celebrating & learning more about all the amazing women we have the pleasure to work with at Covet Atelier. 

Next up is Morgan Wagstaff, owner & designer of Two Fold Clothing.


• The 5 W’s with Morgan Wagstaff •

WHO are you listening to the most right now (music, podcast, etc.)? 

In the studio, we’ve been listening to a lot of audio books lately - Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and currently, The Goldfinch. I’ve also been listening to the new The Japanese House album - Good at Falling.

WHAT do you like to do for self care? 

Owning a business is so mentally draining. Because of that, I haven’t had a lot of energy to do much more than veg out on my favorite shows lately, but one thing that always restores my energy and gives me the most self love is eating well. I love taking the time on Sunday afternoons to meal prep for the coming week, and when I stick to eating well and nourish my body with the right foods, I feel like I’ve done something good for my body. Greatest form of self love!

WHEN do you feel most inspired?

Most of my days are spent at my sewing machine cranking out orders that come in. This doesn’t lend to a lot of creativity and inspiration. There are times when it sparks ideas for new ways of constructing something or ways to improve upon a style we’re currently offering, but I feel most inspired when I have the time to step away from the business for a few days. I typically need some clarity and space to breathe and think beyond what’s right in front of me.

WHERE do you hope to travel to next?

I have been dying to get back to New York City lately. I have been to NYC quite a few times when I was a bit younger, but I am hoping to get back to explore the city on my own and see it as an adult. I’m also hoping to visit a fabric expo this fall!

WHY do you think it’s important to shop from small, ethical brands?

This is such a multifaceted question! I would say it is important to shop from small brands because they have the drive, attention to detail, and a hand in every aspect of the process that larger brands don’t have. For example, because my team only consists of me, the owner, and our studio assistant, I am involved in every single decision made. I have a hand in the cutting, construction, sewing, branding, marketing, social media, etc. This allows us to be as detail oriented as possible. This ensures quality control of the pieces we are selling! It also allows small, ethical companies to give fair wages to our employees and make sure their working conditions are fair.

Morgan recently launched a new collection focused on repurposing her fabric scraps into cherishable garments, accessories and home goods. Check out the Renewed Collection here and keep following along to learn about all the #CovetableWomen in our life!

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