Winter Skincare

The cold, wintery months can be the harshest on our skin, & at Covet Atelier we value handmade products that work to repair and reset the damage. 

Check out a few of our favorites for winter skincare:

Travel Face Mask

Made with all-natural ingredients, our Travel Face Mask comes in a convenient size and three different blends for all your skin care needs. 

Handcrafted in Durham, NC by Lo & Behold Naturals.  

1.5 oz.

Everyday Oil: Mainstay Blend

Everyday Oil is a natural, unisex body oil for the face, body & hair.  A blend of organic cold-pressed plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils that are cleansing, hydrating & balancing.

The Mainstay Blend features: coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, & castor oil blended with palo santo, lavender, geranium & clary sage.

Handmade in Black Mountain, NC.

2 oz.

Rose & Ginger Hand Salve

Indulge your dry skin with the Rose & Ginger Hand Salve.

A blend of olive oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and beeswax along with rose, ylang-ylang, orange, and ginger essential oils makes a luxurious and nurturing treat for tired hands, feet, knees or elbows.

Handcrafted in Durham, NC by Lo & Behold Naturals.

3 fl. oz.

Clarifying Bath

Is skin feeling dull & congested? Made with elderflower and oolong kombucha scobys, the Clarifying Bath helps unclog pores to leave you toned and glowing. 

Ingredients: magnesium sulfate, elderflower, oolong kombucha scoby, & rosemary leaves.

Handcrafted in Charlotte, NC by Little Sey Salt Cures.

Makes 1-2 baths or 3-4 foot soaks.

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